In the most delightful Way

by spaghettipirate

We ended up doing several activities yesterday, and I have the brightly colored fluorescent wristbands to prove it. For some reason or another, the Ticos (the name of the local population here) love to attach brightly colored wristbands to any and seemingly every activity that you may happen to wander into.

on one hand, I am less than thrilled with the never ending need to pay for all the activities, sometimes at gasping prices. (But in truth its not like we flew all the way here just to sit outside the windows). On the other hand, I realize that for many folk here, tourism and Eco-tourism in particular is their primarily means of earning a living. Which I suppose makes these next few months – their winter – particularly difficult. An example: we alone are the sole guests of the Cerro Chato Lodge where we find ourselves.

but man do they mean rain. It rained all last night and into the morning, but I’m pleased to say hat as of writing it has let up enough for me to sit outside and tae in the view of the mountains as the clouded roll on by. Still, I think that by tomorrow I will be ready for some sunshine and tan lines.

to recap yesterday – on a post that will inevitably have to come later due to the difficulties of dealing with technology – first world problems at their finest – we slept soundly like a log.

but before today’s big adventure begins, we still need to head into a the town of La Fortuna to grab a pair of proper shoes and underwear for my brother. He came out to breakfast at the lodge this morning wrapped in a Sarong.

The 70m waterfall was stunning. It makes the 500 step descent well worth it so that you can swim in the pool of a single drop cascade. The $11 entrance fee – well that’s another matter entirely. Notwithstanding the fees, it’s clear that the money goes towards preserving and maintaining the reserve.

If you happen to believe in coincidences or not – here’s one to mull over. At the base of the falls, we met another couple from Washington, D.C., the girl sharing my name, handedness, and chosen profession. What’s better is that when we went to the ziplining adventure, they too were there and we went together whizzing through the trees. Before then, I had turned to my brother and said, “how much do you want to bet that we will see them again before the day is out?” Then we pull into the “ecoglide” parking lot, and boom there they are.

Maybe be we both read the same tour books.

My my sister and mum passed on the ziplining, mum for her fear of heights, and sister because she had been twice in the past year.  What I regret the most, was that you’re zipping down the line at a good 15mph (if I had to guess) but it hardly gives you anytime to see any animals. Not that it much mattered, you’re far to busy enjoying the breathtaking views as you fly down the mountain and suddenly you understand why birds gave up limbs for wings.

the best part by far was the “Tarzan swing”. I liked it so much that I went back twice. Mostly because as your toes are hanging over the edge of a 15m ledge holding on to nothing but the rope tying you in, there’s the swell of fear and anxiety, but you don’t even get a chance to think too much because next thing you’re dropping and the rope catches you sending you into a high arc up into the canopies.

It’s a shot of pure adrenaline. conquering fear has been a big driving factor for me lately, and so nervous as I was the first time, the exhilaration of it sent me climbing right back to do it again. Relief for being alive, joy for living life to the fullest.

The books don’t lie when they tell you that Costa Rica is a bird watchers paradise, and even though I couldn’t begin to name even one of the birds, they are spectacular to see with their red bellies and yellow beaks and glossy plumage. I am excited for today’s adventure which hopefully will bring sloths and anteaters.

Its a pity that we’re in the rainy season, since we have had to strike Monteverde from our trip itinerary as everyone says it’s even more wet than La Fortuna. Hopefully Manuel Antonio will bring better wildlife viewing opportunities as well.

While my brother and I were busy playing Tarzan through the trees, my sister and mother went to a “soda” to grab a bite to eat and to scoop out the various thermal baths littering the base of the volcano. If you want to speak of staggering but swanky thermals, there are plenty to choose from. Not that we actually went to those fancy ones – opting instead for a place called “las termslitas” – a local swimming and relaxation hole where we were the only gringos.