It’s The Final Weekend

by spaghettipirate

<Thursday was a slow day in the house, wherein which we camped out in Aunt 2's house watching movies and playing on the computer with the afternoon rain pounding on the windowsill

by friday things had picked up considerably, and the day was spent on the road – and somewhat in the style of ping-pong as of Wednesday.

Friday morning was spent going for an 8k run before it would get too hot with the sun out – I hear that the heat wave back home has finally broken

With breakfast in our bellies, and with the morning to whittle away before the fish and shrimp tacos that would come with the afternoon, we took the 40 minute drive to the Guadalajara Zoo.

What makes this zoo special is that there are certain areas where they allow people to come into close interaction with some of the animals they have there.

The two that we had time for was to get into the monkey walk and the kangaroo walk. The animals are kept free in the area, and you could in theory touch the animals – if they allowed you to.

The monkey pen had groups of ring tailed lemurs, doing what they do best – eating fruit and grooming one another. It was very special to see the animals so close and not within the typical confines behind glass or bars or wires.

There were two other small species of monkeys who got a lot closer to the spectators than the lemurs, but the signs outside telling you to ward your belongings was warranted, because monkeys are naughty.

And the kangaroo pen had about six different kangaroos hanging out in the shade and grooming themselves, closer than I had ever been with any kangaroo. Because they are so accustomed to human noise and presence, the animals were relaxed and allowed me to take some great photos.

The creme de la creme however, came in the form of the polar bear. The polar bear was hanging out perched on the ledge of the water, blowing bubbles through her nose, and watching us watch her. The glass gave a full view of the bear, and she was pressed right up against the window, allowing you to see the size of her paws, and the soft fur on her belly.

While I do feel really bad that such an animal has no place in Guadalajara unless it is kept in a special and icy climate, it still was really cool to be able to see and experience a polar so close and personal.

Even if there were about thirty other kids there all snapping photos, and even knowing that as much as you would love a good cuddle with the bear, the bear probably saw you as a morning snack.

It was really lucky to see the bear so closely as that too was something I had never experienced. She would later swim to another part of her pen and the hand-to-paw photo I got against her paw would be lost to other visitors.

I did like the zoo better because the animals looked much better fed and tended, and their pens were beautifully kept and maintained, even as the hippos and crocodiles were lurking in the water with only their noses poking out.

But then it was time for the rendezvous for fish tacos and we booked it home to have a family luncheon.
Most everyone came, with the exception of a few, and it was a first for shrimp tacos.

Greasy no doubt, but also lip smacking. The fish and the shrimp were breaded and lightly fried then tossed onto a corn or flour tortilla with a bit of lettuce.

There was a full condiment bar to put generous amounts of guacamole and tomatoes and all sorts of other sauces to spice up the taco.

And while it would keep me full for the rest of the day, I say that I was a true mexican with my beer and fish tacos sitting at the bar for lunch.

The afternoon brought a Woody Allen film – the name of which I don’t even know in Spanish – but it left me laughing. I think it is called “Whatever Works” but I could be wrong in this matter. I still do recommend it because it is Woody Allen at his ironic, cynical best, but always sweet at the end.

And I too have seen the Abyss but we can watch something else.

Then, even though the food had barely begun to be digested, my uncle came because I was promised tongue tacos that evening.

And so my cousin, uncle and I went to a little place that in the evenings gets packed with people and ordered a quarter of cow tongue to put in more tacos.

And man if the smell was anything to tempt me by, the taste is even better!

the USA is really missing out with these tacos because they are delicious, and a very honest taste of beef. It’s somewhat soft in the mouth but also tender, and goes very well with lemon and onion

(As all mexican food does)

I only ate a bit of it, for the fish had all but done me in, but it was worth it, and I hope to wat at least one more tongue taco before I leave. I know it may be a little weird, to eat the tongue, but I promise it is worth the try if you are adventurous with food – or even if you simply like beef.

(The diet always starts tomorrow, right?)

Coming back more than stuffed, Aunt 2 told me to get changed because we would be going out for the night.

so my aunt, Aunt 2 and I went to Leyendas Del Rock, a video bar. And while the music was way too loud to converse over, and we hodge podged ear plugs, it still was fun.

The music was from the 70s and 80s mostly, and was hit after hit and even I knew most of the songs, and everyone was singing right along.

But by midnight we had had enough so we went to La paloma for a nightcap and something softer to talk against.

There was more live music there, with a better singer than the band at the Video Bar, and while we missed all but his entire set, we managed to catch a few songs.

And we stayed there on the patio in the balmy weather until 02.00 in the morning when your eyes still and body numb from the tiredness.

Saying goodbyes we made it back to the house and collapsed into bed until 08.00 this morning when my Uncle made chilaquiles for breakfast and for my Aunt 2’s birthday, even if it was a week late.

And man can my uncle cook! They came out very tasty (I feel like most everything is tasty here) and he’s welcome to cook for me any day.

Then after the chilaquiles we went to the Guachinmontones – from where my people come from –

but that is for the next post.