2 Weeks And Counting

by spaghettipirate

Arcos Del Sitio

Atlantes De Tula – pero se fueron de parranda


13k que frege my cadera

Today – as will the rest of week before I leave for Guadalajara – was a tour around the local sites of The Estado de Mexico.

But the day began with a bird who thought it a fine idea to sing right outside my window at 06.00. This meant that aside from firmly shutting my window that I would wake up with enough energy to knock out a morning run – something I haven’t doe since last Thursday what with all the adventures – that would leave me feeling exactly how much I have missed training in the last few days.

Not that I am not proud of what I have accomplished. See my goal for the end of the year is to finish a half marathon; which ticks at 20k, or 13.1 miles. So this morning feeling like I could go the distasnce I did log a PR of 13k. I was feeling good at 9k and figured I could push a little better. While the high of the run lasted a good while – indeed until about 12.00, it has left me with something to remember it by.

Slow work takes time, no?

I guess this means that I had earned my molletes when I walked in the door and there was the bread all ready sliced up and the beans sitting on the stove. The only think missing was the pico de gallo to top it of with. And boy did these molletes deliver! For such a simple thing, the flavor had me leaving wanting more.

Or I may just have been famished.

(we’ll go with the former)

The molletes left me so full, that I took a meme for about 30 minutes while my aunt took the time to towel off the grime from her car (this is still a WIP)

And then we were off!

Today on the agenda was the Arcos Del Sitio and Atlantes De Tula. Unfortunately we only ever got to the Arcos.

The Arcos, or rather the aquaducts (yes Mexicans too had aquaducts!) is about 25k from Tepozotlan in the middle of grassland prarie and isn’t it just a beautiful thing.

The pamphlet says that they are the tallest Aquaducts in the American continents – and indeed they tower at 64m in altitude. Far below is there is a stream, and the silence is so profound that you can readily hear the gurgling of the water.

The amount of rain that we have been having also meant that the surrounding area was lush and green, and with the rolling hills, it makes a beautiful sight.

So much of this country is beautiful, I wish I had more time to explore it.

However the road getting to the site – built in the colonial era – is heavily littered with potholes and the 25k takes more time than you would think.

But is it totally worth it for the sight.

And far off in the distance there are hanging bridges and ziplines, all part of the area.

Then after we had drunk in enough of the sights – we were off to Tula for more ruins and pyramids – this time advertising stone warrior giants, at towering heights.

Alas, it was not to be.

For reasons unknown (see: economic) the site closes at 16.00. And wouldn’t you know it that we got there exactly at 16.30 thinking that at least it would have been open for another half hour if not more for summer times.

I think people just dont care enough to visit so they close early to keep costs down.

Bummed that we had made the 1.5hr drive to Tula for naught, we opted to stay in the city center for an hour walking (me more limping along on an aching hip) and eating our italian ice.

I had a nut flavor which was delicious and a mixtre of walnuts, almonds, etc. My aunt had a lime flavor.

So after we were content people watching, and visitng a church that looked more like a dark ages castle – we again were off to Maria Luisa’s to pick up my computer.

Which to date, is still defunct.

I am hoping that my harddrive is still under warranty to make my life easier.

We ended up staying at Maria Luisa’s for 2 hours, chatting about our trips about Mexico and Maria Luisa amazed at how tan we returned.

But by then it was past 21.00 and time to head home.

So we bid the little 2 yr old grandson of hers goodbye, (who was running around off the sugar in his system) and the rest of the crew until probably this weekend for yet another breakfast.

(I really have grown to love these breakfasts)

Tomorrow the idea is a museum tour – with perhaps a visit to the castle of Chapultepec instead of the modern art museum. 

Tonight also marks two weeks to the day that I will be back home in my dear United States. I am at once happy to be headed home, and sad that this vacation (and consequently this chapter of this blog’s life) will be closing.

This does not mean that from here until then the adventures will stop. On the contrary, I think they will be rolling along just fine.

My aunt says that we can return to Tula, but that it may have to wait until we are on route to Guadalajara – as it is not too far a detour from the highway that leads to somewhere where we need to be. (Curse these strange Indian names that make it impossible to remember where I have been and where I will go)

I do look forward to seeing stone giants, and getting to see more ruins. These they say, because we are in the state of Hidalgo – are Toltec.

(I am bummed I won’t be seeing Olmec ruins this time around. For the next trip, I suppose)

I look forward to seeing you all here tomorrow – although maybe at a more reasonable hour.