by spaghettipirate

It’s weird how hot and cold it’s been here in Mexico city. Any I mean it in the most literal sense.

Although for the past week or so it’s been fairly cold. They tell me that nothing is unusual about this weather, but I don’t think I am in the minority when I thought that a summer in Mexico would be sunny and hot.

I already know how it is back home, sweltering heat that makes pouring in clothes a hassle and all you want to do is air in front of the air conditioning vent. That’s summer weather as I know it.

I’m not sure if it’s just been an unusually wet season here, and that’s what is bringing down the temperature, or if in fact it’s normal.

I will say that I have had days when I was in sweatpants, a sweater, AND a hoodie inside the house to keep warm. And ok so it’s cooler inside the house than outside, but for June weather??

Last I checked we were still in the northern hemisphere.

It might be this that has given my aunt a stomach trouble – or something we ate that didn’t settle well with her. Either way it has led to some slower days as I get to play nurse and I am grateful that my Spanish is good enough to communicate with whomever I may need to talk to.

My grandmother only has 2 days left with us here in the city before she returns to warmer (?) climates in Guadalajara.

Which means that in 5 days life will get considerably more interesting.

Still, I wonder with these 2 days left with my grandmother and my aunt feeling better this morning if we won’t get out and do something for cabin fever.

Even if it is sweater-weather in June outside. (not that I really mind sweaters, it’s more the principle)