by spaghettipirate

Would you like to hear some sad news? No? Well here it is anyways. My mother board (a.k.a. the very spinal cord of the computer) possibly died/fried according to the good doctor.

Today we hope to take the computer to a friend (of my aunt’s) son and see if anything can be done to salvage to computer that is not to the tune of $500.

The question remains if it is worth saving or for that price to simply get another computer or the like.

Well enough about the bad news. And into life updates.

Everyone here seems to think that I am anywhere between 16 to 19 years old. They seem genuinely surprised when I tell them that in fact I am 23. I always knew my sister came across older, at least prima facie, but I never thought that I looked as young as I did. Or perhaps these friend’s of my aunt’s have really bad guessing skills.

I chalk it up to taking good care of myself and keeping youthful.

This morning we’d had yet another breakfast at a friend’s house (as it always seems we pass the eating brunch of one variety or another)

They all talk over another and people easy ass they are served, and again it was a birthday celebration, but they have been friend’s for nearly 30 years now and it shows.

Again they all seem answer I’m not my aunt’s granddaughter for my face. (I figure this will serve me well later in life)

This time there was no tripe to eat but enchiladas made with mole. And this mole was good! Lucha knows what’s up and I left feeling so full that I needed to take am afternoon nap. Hard at work.

Yesterday we went to Tenochitlan to pass the afternoon and we ate some quesadillas made from blue corn and Oaxaca cheese. There’s a variety of stuffing you can put in there from “flor definitely calabasa” and “huitlacoche” which I am not sure the are English translations for.

But I am told both are very good to eat although not everywhere in Mexico there toes of food are eaten.

The heart has come back to Mexico and while the sky was a clear blue it was difficult to want to walk, especially with my abuelita.

Tonight (when my aunt decides to wake up) I hope to watch the new Superman film. I great mixed results but I have always liked Christopher Nolan’s approach.

In just over a weeks time I will be in Cancun, although I hear there have been some impressive tropical storms. (they won’t be there while I’m there, obviously)

And with the dollars to Cancun it seems time is going quickly although the hours digesting the meal go by slowly.

Please at home, send good vibes for my computer! (and for am ice cream for me; because Mexican candies are all spicy and chile and weird. What happened to simple chocolate?)