Hiatus – sort of.

by spaghettipirate

Hi guys, I’m both really sorry and really sad. My computer got a virus somewhere sometime ago and it crashed my windows 7 software.

This means I’m stuck on my phone for the time being, and therefore can’t really update. But yesterday was great!

I met Diego Riveras Tlaloc (Aztec rain god) and went to San Angel in the south of the city for a bazaar  ate crepes in a place that took me back to France.

Today we are terrible Chinese food and took some nifty wing and bear pictures. I’ll be sure to share them when I can get my computer back.

Tomorrow she’s going to a doctor for a CD reboot and I have never been more thankful for having a backup. So I will lose some music but not my life’s collection of pictures or music. Thank you externals and drop box.

Lesson learned. Get an anti virus program. And that virus’ suck and so do the people who make them stuck

I promise to try to keep updates best as I can during these trying times and to be proper once my laptop had life again.

Thank you for being patient and please everyone remember to back up your information always!