I spoke early about the rain — just

by spaghettipirate

I spoke early about the rain — just hours after I posted my last blog, the sky ripped open and let out such a thunderstrom, the likes which I have never witnessed. 

I hear that it has been pretty bad at home as well, but let me regale you with this storm for a little.

This storm came out of nowhere, and we have been feeling it’s sisters for the rest of the week because since then there has not been a non rainy day. But this storm in particular started around 1600 and did not stop until well past 2200. 

Such power of nature I have rarely experienced. This was a thunderstorm as they describe in books and movies, that came out of nowhere – fast and furious – with something to prove.

The thunder was so powerful that it tripped three car alarms over the course of the storm. My aunt, who had spent the day outside said that as she was entering the neighbourhood felt the electricity in the air and that it smelled different.

There was giant cracks of lightning – thankfully far from the house. I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as a wet season in Mexico, and perhaps this is an odd year – but the storms here have been nothing to sneeze at. 

Thankfully though it has brought down the temperature to bearable degrees and even falling asleep to the rain pattering against the window is pleasant. i have been affected by the power of this storm and nature is a wonderful thing.

I was asked if any trees fell, but I say that where I live there aren’t much in the ways of trees with which TO fall. (Not that it doesn’t have it’s own vegetation).

I think there is a price to trying to learn multiple languages at once. I am having now more than ever confusion with genders of items. This could be in part because my French is interfering with what items get gendered how (an entirely foreign concept in English) or because I am out of practice and have not totally cemented it in.

Spanish is mostly easy though, with plenty of rules and few exceptions. (A far cry from French). I also had a vocabulary lesson as my aunt sat me down. English is not something I am speaking much of these days, except to type it. So far I have learnt the words for planter (maceta) and apricot (chobacano). 

That’s two more than I started out with!

Yesterday we were supposed to go out for a breakfast with some of my aunt’s friends, but my grandmother woke up with such a headache, she could barely see from it. Her blood pressure was dangerously high, and so even after waking up at 07.00 for a 10.00 breakfast invitation, we had to cancel. I think in part it was because my aunt came home so late yesterday that my grandmother got all wound up, and woke up with such high blood pressure.

In the end I took the dogs out for an hour’s walk around the lake and then went back to sleep for a while. 

I think growing old and being at that age must be difficult, because you increasingly become more infantile-like. I still try to let her be her own person, but sometimes her hands shake so bad she can’t open containers or get up from a chair. Then I happily help her, and I wonder how far she feels she has fallen.

(She is always ready to remind us about her aches and pains, though).

So instead today we went over to a neighbors for a breakfast, and hearing that there would be tripe served, I had my smoothie and muffin in preparation.

Not that I shied away from the tripe soup. I had a healthy (or at least fair) portion of it, although admittedly it came after 2 tacos and a serving of yogurt and fruit (all after my own breakfast before)

The tripe has a soft feeling in the mouth, and this one had a very strong odor. While I would eat it again, I’m not sure I would suggest it, nor would I eat it tomorrow. This in part because of the odd texture, and that I am increasingly shying from red meat (it’s more like a yo-yo). 

The company though! What a colorful bunch with even more colorful vocabulary. We stayed until 16.30, and they were all half drunk by the end of it. (Of course we ran home in the afternoon rain; but she lived just down the street). But they speak fast that you have to pay attention and every other word out of their mouth is on par with a sailor.

Not that I understood much of the double-talk or what have you, but it was a riot to see even my grandmother smile at the antics.

But when even the 83 year old woman starts talking about the “Bad Taste Bears” set in front of the cake for my aunt, you know it’s something special. (Although honestly, how many birthday’s does my aunt have??)

They all mistook me for being about 16 though, so I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not. I know people often think my sister is the oldest among us, but 16 years is still even I feel a bit too young. (I guess this will work to my advantage later in life?)

And then the 7 year old who showed us her “dances” — which were more appropriate for a nightclub. We laughed of course, but I still don’t think it’s a good habit to learn to dance.

I now think I can say that nothing surprises me anymore. She speaks “English” of course, and I spent the afternoon re-learning the hula hoop.

The dogs were unfortunately left outside, so by the time we got home they were soaked, but being chihuahuas were able to warm up rather quickly, the poor things. My bath towel did not make out so well. 

And now if I am lucky, Superman: Man of Steel opened up today in theatres, and so I may just be able to convince my aunt to take my cousin and me to see it tonight. (This comes after her nap, of course).

I also have not seen this cousin in a few years, and so I shall keep my fingers crossed.

It’s 2 weeks until Cancun, and it turns out I may be going to Veracruz as well! July looks to be a busy month 🙂