Dog Days of Summer

by spaghettipirate

Mexico city is hot. And I mean that in the sort of semi-uncomfortable way your clothes still stick to your back at 22:00 and the most serious need to carry a water bottle everywhere. Even crawling into bed with thin flat sheets seems too warm for the weather. The high heat is so pressing on your skin that even being outside for more than five minutes at a time is a challenge.

“Well if there is no such thing as A/C in many houses, let there please be fans in each room.” (No dice).

It’s a different type of heat however from the sticky heat back home. That heat has you in need of a shower after a mere ten minutes outside. This is more of an oven heat, dry and intense and lasts well after sun-down.

They say its been a particularly dry season, and over in Dresden/ Eastern Europe they have been hounded by epic floods. (Stay safe Dresden!)

I’m at least grateful for the thick stone that props up the house for it keeps the house at an acceptable temperature even during the high heat of the day where we retire to wait out the worst of it.  (The Chihuahuas here are so crazy they like to curl up under a fleece blanket.) 

That and the myriad of  “waters” can get here: watermelon, mango, guava, papaya, etc. keep the worst of the thirst at bay. They are all lip-smacking, satisfying, and delicious and I readily recommend them to anyone. It’s such a shame that we haven’t such an array of waters back home.

If you think that this heat brings the city to a standstill, you’d be wrong. This heat doesn’t stop the city from bustling, somehow almost fueling the desire to get from here to there.

To say that Mexico City is expansive would not do it justice. The city defies the imagination in its size and sprawl. So many people and cars (admittedly probably doing more harm to quell the heat than good) bustling about and billboards towering and littering the skyline. Everything calls out for your attention with banners and flags, and cars trudge along the freeways perpetually stuck in some kind traffic. There are haphazardly strung together tents peddling all sorts of food and trinkets littered along the roadways. It’s some sort of semi-organized chaos but it does make for long drives. And in the heat, mid-day naps.

There are colors like you have never seen if you have never been to Latin America, because everything is colors splashed across houses in every sort of arrangement, color schemes and matching be damned. Houses are yellow next to bright blue next to green next to orange. It’s colorful and lively and seemingly no two buildings are of the same color scheme.

There is a lake not too far from the house, approximately 7 minutes walking, with a gravel track looping around the perimeter. It makes for a most wonderful morning run as the morning people are up and about on their bicycles, jogging past, or taking their dogs out for a run. It’s a busy lake at these hours rushing to beat out the heat,  but I have not seen it so busy that you feel like canned sardines.

And when the heat starts to creep under your skin and into your mouth, there is an assortment of mexican sweet bread waiting for breakfast. The bread too comes in various styles and types, some with sugar, some with chocolate, some braided, some colorful, and any combination therein.

Today is Saturday, and we will see where the day will take us.  This might mean teaching la rata de dos patas (see: Oda the Chihuahua) how to use the computer. (She’s making good progress)