Mexico Lindo

by spaghettipirate

Hello friends,

Long time no talk, made all the more difficult with a heavy cat sitting on my arms. (Cats are silly wonderful companions) It is now (well) past 00:01 on the 5th of June and I am writing to say that as of this moment, consider life breathed back into this blog. You were waiting on bated breath, to be sure.

It has been a long silent time and I have been remiss in updating it. Truthfully, there is no “European Travel” any more, but let that not stop us now! So now this space here will be a dedicated documentation of my travels, wherever life may lead me. (Many places, I hope)

Summer 2013 is upon us, and the time to see the world and visit places and eat exotic food is upon us again. (How I have missed it). This means no more being swallowed up by law school and the like, and nothing but endless possibilities and plenty of sunshine. I hope.

I would like to say that I am packed, but this is only about 95% true. Good thing I have a late flight then tomorrow, eh? Mostly this missing 5% is my fault, but nothing that a quick errand running cannot set right as rain. How one loves to run errands – but sincerely I find a great pleasure in knocking things off my “to-do” list.

It’s nearly 01:00, can you tell? I can’t sleep without penning some thoughts.

Life never nearly pans out as we plan to ans even the best laid plans are set to go awry. But there is always a silver lining, to be somewhat trite, and I cannot say that Mexico is a bad thing. (Perhaps not what was originally in the cards, but success is measured in response to unexpected situations).

I am nervous, and I am excited. Mexican food is by far my favourite cuisine, and anything that is not hot and muggy as Washington DC is wont to do will suit me well.

The family and cousins and aunts and “aunts” and “cousins” (hell, they’re all family – somehow) are awaiting. What do they think of the strange cockatoo American family, if anything? I can’t say I have given them much thought, outside of the one that the younger ones will have only ever remembered Facebook as a fact of life. (Quick, stop me before I melt into a pile of self-pity nostalgia)

First though I am looking toward a 5ish hour flight with nay a snack in sight for the duration of the flight. What cheapskates. I’ll consider it a victory if I get 2 drinks from them.

And even before that, sleep, for it is well past my bedtime.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, dearest readers, and know that in many ways this blog is as much for you too as it is for me.

With love from the US,

Good night.