Lake Velence

by spaghettipirate

Somehow I really have become incredibly stressed, as if there was not enough time to do anything, and that this vacation has become somewhat of work, instead of a pleasure cruise. This is not to say that I am not having a hell of a time, indeed I am, but that there seem to be less days to do things comfortably than there are things to do. And I hate to be rushed, so I panic, and the whole thing seems a little bit of a vicious circle. Breathe, right? Breathe.

Anyhow, the point is that later this week, we plan to take a four day trip into Lake Balaton. Personally, I think that it will offer a good opportunity to get out of the city as well as seeing what the rest of Hungary entails. Tomorrow should be the day that we buy the Sziget festival tickets, although at some 65 dollars a pop, it is far from cheap. If the weather is nice enough (or even if it isn’t) we should head into the Széchenyi baths.

Checking the weather for the Balaton just now however casts some doubt as to what we are facing. I know it is a common fact that meteorologists normally cannot predict past their own noses, but angry red thunderstorms on Google might make a person think twice. Which really is a pity because there isn’t much more that I wanted to do this week outside of a good swimming and camping in Lake Balaton.

Besides, as one of my oft quoted movies said once, “Well, a little rain never hurt any body” (Yeah but a lot can kill you)

Jumanji for those that hadn’t guess it.

I guess that it’s just as well that now the hot water decided to run out on us, and that tomorrow the gas man comes. It seems that it’s always something, and if it’s not my brother – who had somewhat of an “interesting” if not unforgettable Monday night – then certainly it will be the gas. We’re still roughly dealing with the consequences of my brothers actions, but it seems that for the moment all is well.

And seeing how I’m so adverse to cold showers, I’m wondering if I can hold out long enough to have it fixed before showering. (Somehow I doubt it.)

Yet the past weekend was marvelous and smooth sailing as there was nothing to worry about, no where to be, and simply enjoy the company of one R who had come to visit both me and the city. It was then that I found the one place in Hungary that serves bagels and I am itching to know where they buy theirs – if they don’t make them on the spot – because it’s something that I am sorely missing from home. Toasted bagels (sesame) with cream cheese.

On Sunday a family friend, one of my fathers oldest childhood friends, invited the four of us out to a family bar-b-q. We drove out to Lake Velence and had the food already waiting for us. I hadn’t seen his son in about ten years so imagine my surprise when I’m greeted by a 17 year old boy who’s taller than my brother and who can grow a better moustache to boot. He laughed at my astonishment, and I said that he would make a very good basketball or volleyball player.

Lunch was a lovely affair, if conversation not a little bit stilted for the reasons that they didn’t speak much English, no one apart from myself spoke Hungarian, and that we hadn’t seen them in years, so we weren’t sure where to begin.

The moment passed however, and with fully fed stomachs we took the bikes out, and even though they didn’t fit perfectly, there were more than enough, and went for a leisure ride around the town toward the football field where we would spend the next few hours under a warm sun playing a 2 v 3 football match. R was a little bit more than thrilled as she is a bit of a football fanatic, the goof, and we even managed to get my sister in the game, playing goal keep with ill-kept shoes and bouncing in enthusiasm when we resoundingly kicked the boys’ butts. (Maybe they were playing easy with us).

We had lost the ball in the lake when we had parked the bikes on a quick pit stop, but it didn’t stop Gabor from shimming out of his pants and jumping into the lake to retrive it. It was so hot that in a matter of minutes he had dried off again. We looked on in amused-shock that he just jumped in, no qualms.

When evening fell it was time for Gabor to bust out his piano and guitar skills and while we traded the fly swatter between people and trying out chord configurations. Ok it was just me fiddling with the guitar, and then a lot of Beatles songs from Gabor. There was a lot of fake lemon beer to go around and it was all quite merry.

I don’t remember much from the ride back aside from falling asleep on R’s shoulder counting the highway signs and the next thing we were in front of the flat saying our goodbyes promising to meet again soon.

While we were unable to get tickets to the circus today, as we had massively underestimated the queues to buy tickets, we did spend the afternoon in the city park and then walking down to the Belvaros – or the swankiest part of town. Consequently also one of the most touristy. Although there is something to be said for the 24 hr palascinta (crepe) (pancake) place right on that strand. Between you and me however, I think I make a meaner crepe, and should you be invited to my house for dinner, I will be happy to prove it.

We capped the night watching the reboot of Spiderman, this time “The Amazing Spiderman”, and although I had my reservations about the film it was surprisingly gentle for an action flick – if not a little gun happy, but such are American films – and quite good fun, even as they tweaked the story a little here and there. Certainly kept it fresh for both my siblings and myself.

Still then Thursday bleeds into Friday with the Széchenyi baths and then the Nagycircusz, and then lake Balaton. Then it’s the Sziget festival and almost time to leave after one more pop into Szentendre.

I am in the midst of finalizing my student loans for the impending law school year, as well as getting the required paperwork in order.

Transcripts and all that.