Merci Paree

by spaghettipirate

So ladies and gentlemen:

Tonight concludes my six months in Paris. And what a trip is has been. I’m sure countless of words and ink has been spilled over the wonders and mysteries of Paris, and I too am no different. I look forward to coming back, as if on baited breath, before I’ve even left.

My bags are packed and are waiting by the door – the hours are winding down. 

Sleep will not come easy tonight, and tomorrow I will inhale as much burnt coffee that I may need to ensure that I get to my terminal safely and on board with everything.

Phillipe too has his heart breaking, for it was decided this morning that he would accompany us as far as he could because he wanted to see us off.

In some ways I think my – our – depature will hurt him more than us.

Regardless he is a lifelong friend, and we have promised to keep in touch with email.

(I will forever carry his cookbook with me)

Who knows what the future will bring and what stories await to unfold, but I can only look back on these past months with fondness, and tell everyone that they really need to visit Paris at least once.

While now I need to put my French on hold, and brush back up with my Hungarian – indeed its been about ten years since I last was, and with significantly less media coverage then – I am also excited for what comes.