Allergies suck.

by spaghettipirate

My friend flies in already 30 minutes ago for the first time in Paris and I feel like I’ve an Elephant on my chest. Good timing to get the seasonal allergies I know, and even better to rub my nose raw with so much nose blowing. For the moment however, I am content to sit with Phillipe and watch the Australian-Wales rugby match with Ray Charles pumping softly through the speaker.

How fast these last months have flown by – indicative perhaps of what it means to have a good time.

Currently I am waiting to digest all the luncheon – hard work – and wait for the inevitable phone call.

I’ve started to pack my bags, and it’ll be interesting to see how I can make fit fencing clothes, skillets, and other assortment of clothes into my suitcase.

It doesn’t mean that I’m ready to leave yet.

Still with all this rain, even getting out of the house to make our little jog was hard enough when you’ve barely half a nostril to breathe through.

(I wouldn’t trade it for the world)

Australia has a semi-comfortable lead over Wales and the world spins madly on.