Mr. Sun

by spaghettipirate

I can’t believe that it’s July and instead of the hot drawn out muggy weather days that mark the best days of the summer in Washington D.C, it’s a fresh 16 degrees and rainy. And rainy. And more rain.

While I was lucky enough to catch one day of sun in Brugges this past week, I am afraid that what precious little time I have in Paris will be spent indoors and or trying to out run the inevitable rain. While wet socks normally don’t bother, I laugh because it is insane to believe that here we are, in the middle of the year with what should be the hottest weather and you can barely tell the difference between this and January.

I don’t think that the sun has serioulsy peeked it’s head out for more than a week’s worth of time in the last 2 months. The days are long, as it doesn’t get dark until almost 10pm, but I wonder where Mr. Golden Sun has run off to.

(Perhaps he ran away with the spoon)

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