London 2012

by spaghettipirate

So now I know an honest-to-god olympian. He fences at the Rueil Fencing Club and made it both onto the men’s individual and team fencing teams for men’s foil. (Wow if that sentence wasn’t the teensiest bit redundant) And even beyond that, there was an National France competition this past weekend for all of the clubs in France and you wouldn’t believe me – hell I wouldn’t believe me if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes – that the three top place winners all came from the club.

So that’s just to illustrate the club that I landed myself in, and the level of intensity and dedication that the foil team applies. Frankly I’m just super stoked that I can say I know an Olympian and World Champion and even toasted to his continued good fortune.

Anyhow there is a club competition of sorts for us epees on Saturday afternoon – 2pm imagine that – and while I haven’t the faintest hope of winning more than 3 bouts – if that – it will provide a good oportunity to work on my recouperation and how to handle my body under the circumstances. Phillipe is even helping me prepare and is looking into what I need to eat before hand.

Of course it’s a game, but it will also provide opportunities to take pictures, and even though I may be all red faced and sweaty, of course I will put them up here because the people are absolute dolls and I am sad that my time with them is ending.

In other news, my sister seems to be better about the stomach, so that means hopefully Bruges will go off without a hitch, and today he friend flies in, and we – she – will be spending the afternoon with him. (I may spend the time in a park with friends of my own or working on my french culinary skills)

And then within 11 days – for today is the last day of May, I shall be off quick as a whip to Budapest.

Always I manage to book the earliest flights, fun as that may be.

I do promise that reflections on Mont Saint Michel are forthcoming. (Haven’t I said that somwhere else too before)

Now, however, breakfast.