Oh The Places You’ll Go

by spaghettipirate

Today is Earth Day. Today is also April 22 and consequently French election day for those keeping up in politics.

Today Kelsey also went back to Seville, Spain (and I am soon to follow)

She landed in Paris Friday morning and only just left to catch her flight back – because some people are actually doing a study abroad where one studies and as such has class in the morning. (Gross.)

We have spent the entire weekend together, for she slept chez moi for lack of hostels, and managed to cram all of the important sights in just over 48 hours. My back and feet have not been too happy with spending hours out and about on the street. For the most part however, the weather has held. Which honestly made me super happy because it was Kelsey’s first time in Paris.

That’s not to say that we didn’t get rained out a little, but a quick duck into a cafe is always the cure for such things. Plus it offered Kelsey a chance to try to burnt espresso taste of Paris. (She says the Seville espresso is better) (I believe her)

I’ven’t any pictures because Kelsey was more than happy to take the pictures, but she did promise that in the coming week she would Dropbox or email the whole lot of them over, and I should be able to put a few up here. 

The biggest accomplishment perhaps comes that as Kelsey is somewhat of an art lover we managed to not only tour the Musee d’Orsay, but the Louvre as well. And it is popular culture that says that one could spend a week inside the Louvre in order to see everything properly. Needless to say we saw the hottest and the best attractions – Mona Lisa included – and it was nice that France is on vacations so the lines were not long. 

Being under 26 in a socialist country like France can be awesome sometimes because it means full and free access to the museums. And at 10 euros an entrance free, it makes it worth it. However spending 5 hours inside the Louvre is exhausting, only to run around to the rest of the tourist attractions makes for a really sound sleep. 

I do have a picture of me with Hammurabi’s Code and I was super excited, for while Kelsey is about Spanish art, I like the Anthropology//Archeology aspect of the Louvre. As I roughly translated everything best as I could – everything in the Louvre is explicitly in French, which I find odd considering its status as possibly THE most famous museum the world over – she seemed to become infected with some of my new found energy; funny as not 20 minutes before I was flopping on the benches as she explained to me the Goyas and El Grecos and Rembrant’s

I learnt a lot about classical art and that the Mona Lisa is due for a cleaning but no one wants to be that guy to do it. 

(I still prefer impressionism found at d’Orsay, but probably because I love the idea that these painters were overcome by such emotion – or drugs I’m not sure which – that they were, “I’m going to paint my feelings onto this canvas because I have so many of them, and you will enjoy it) (I’m partial to Gaughan’s colors)

Up close its a mess, but from far away it’s beautiful, which I think sums up much of how life can be sometimes, and that getting bogged down in the details won’t get you much more than seemingly blurred colors running together.

Kelsey and I went out after a splendid dinner with Phillipe and son, where we ate frittes and steak tornedo paired with a lovely – admittedly I’m not a wine amateur but I liked it well enough – real french red wine.

Paris by night is a different animal, and I’m not sure which is better, but both bring different things to savour and see, and I took her to a popular bar where the tables are cramped and the bar tenders perfectly sassy for an after-dinner cocktail. 

We were warm exiting the bar and not even the 1am drizzle could dampen our mood for as tired as we were we would sleep soundly.

We taught her the art of the French crepe and she even flipped her own crepes; she was laughing because everything that I introduced her to of the French cuisine I would say would change her life and that it was the best thing ever – and how can be go back to the United States after being awoken from an ignorant slumber – but I told her that if there is one thing I am fluent in, it is French cuisine. (She said my French was good too, which hello, compliments and thank you, but I still think it is poor) (I am pretty good at Cabet English though, and had to translate a few things; Kelsey says I started to talk like him and I laugh and say I am a poor soul indeed)

Oddly enough, it was also the second time that we got checked by the ratp officers, and Kelsey’s ticket almost didn’t pass inspection, and had she known the consequences for being collared she might have been more worried. As such nothing happened, but it was odd that out of the 4ish months I’ve been here it was the second time ever, and I mean riding the metro all over Paris at all times of the day.

C’est la vie.

Tomorrow I’ve one more language class, and then I’m off to Spain – Seville and Madrid.

Kelsey was impressed with my idiot-savantness of being able to book hostels and plane tickets for a country I know nothing about, but I say it’s all skill.

(I also say that if I can navigate the Paris public transport, Madrid, much less Seville, cannot be that complicated)

It is also weird to see things in Spanish as I am so used to everything in French that seeing it in Spanish took a while for my brain to adjust.

(I cannot wait for Hungarian to join the language mix, then things will get interesting)

All in all, a most pleasant weekend, both Kelsey and Phillipe were pleased and happy and everyone with good spirits and full bellies.

I look forward to sunshine and warmer weather.