City of….Lights, Love: Ramblings On Valentine’s Day

by spaghettipirate

Aaah Paris.

The city of love.

The city of lights.

Truly is there anything as more romantic or charming as Paris in the Spring? Strike spring though, and substitute in Valentine’s Day. Throw in some classic and – in my opinion – clichéd French loving and the pot is all set for the most sticky syrupy sweet holiday for lovers out there. Classic Valentine’s Day traditions abound here in the city of lights and love – one can see a myriad of vendors selling bouquets of blood-red roses on every street corner – there are the candy hearts – there are chocolates – there are the school children valentine’s hearts.

Not that Valentine’s Day is the only day for some good old French loving. The French are renowned about the world for their charisma and romantic wooing ways so it is not just limited to Valentine’s day in that I see plenty of couples always touching, kissing, and in any and every other way establishing that they are indeed a couple.

There is of course a fine line between a little cute peck or hand holding and full on tonguing pressed against an escalator where one is not sure where one tongue ends and another begins.

I guess for today perhaps I will let it slide carefully avoiding my eyes and the attention that I know the two randy teenagers must have.