Don’t Stop Me Now

by spaghettipirate

So taking pictures from roller blades is a *little* harder than I had anticipated, but I did manage to snap a few choice pics of the Notre Dame from across the river while we were stopped at a red light waiting for our police escorts to clear the way from us. 22 kilometers is a lot harder than it sounds especially on roller blades with little to no practice, but I’m proud to say that I was able to complete the entire loop, across the Tour Eiffel and all.

I only manged to fall three times, (hah like *that’s* an accomplishment) and only the last time hurt. Twice when we were stopped before we even began the loop because simply standing in place on blades is a lot harder than moving forward. Maybe even as hard as stopping; to which Phillipe can attest as we went hurtling down a hill my nails digging into his backpack as he braked for both of us. I am learning to be better at stopping and mayhaps by the time I get out of Paris I’ll be able to skate and stop halfway decently. The weather at a frosty 3 degrees Celsius didn’t help matters any though. Yet I kept abreast of most of the pack, so even if rollerblading is nothing resembling riding a bike, I’m pleased that I held my own.

I am happy to report that my shoulder isn’t aching quite as bad as last week. The epee bruises have become a nice shade of yellow, so I’m glad that my body is doing its job well at patching myself up.

A word to the wise though – rollerblading is not exactly easy on the knees as a lot of torque is placed during propulsion, so I would recommend bracing or wrapping them prior to departure to avoid injury if you’ve bad knees as I do. I do know that I will sleep soundly tonight for after a LONG hot bath – even the water got cold and my fingers pruney – and a hearty vegetable soup to round out the day, I am ready for my school adventures to begin.

And now a non sequiteur: I wonder if what the Massai say is true.

That anytime someone snaps a picture – takes a photograph of you – that a piece of your soul is captured within. I bring this up because today, as we were rollerblading all across the city by the hundreds, dozens of slack-jawed tourists were snapping photos of the procession. I wonder how many I am in, in another stranger’s life to show of their trip to Paris. And how many are accrued throughout my lifetime.

How many thousands of pictures of strangers we must be in. In the background – laughing, fighting, blank faced, mid chew, talking on the phone, and even aware of the photograph, maybe even photo-bombing. From here to Timbuktu we must be in thousands of pictures, filled with thousands of memories and emotions.

And conversely how many photos I too have of total strangers, of people of all sorts of backgrounds and stories, as varied as there are colors in a rainbow.

At any rate, I look forward to next weeks rollerblading adventure where perhaps I will only fall once. Ideally not at all, but hey, a girl can dream.