Chinese New Year

by spaghettipirate

Not even grey cloudy days can stop the festivities of the Chinese Year of The Dragon as hundreds of people today gathered to watch the Chinese New Year Parade at Hotel de Ville.

Tomorrow officially is the larger and louder festivities, but we’re hoping instead for good sunny weather so that we may roller blade. I’m pretty excited to bust out the new wheels on the blades Phillipe bought last week, so I hope that today’s drizzle won’t carry over.

Plenty of grey skies and drizzles, but the mood was light and a lot of firecrackers to dispel bad spirits.

Also tell me, is there anything more beautiful in this world than a crepe au cholat?

We’re coming back from a SUPER concert this evening, for right in the library there was a 2 hr free concert of Le Quatuor Equinoxe and Christian Brière of the Parisian Orchestra. Christian is the number one violinist in all of Paris. Both groups played a variety of classical music such as Tango, American Folk, selections from the opera Carmen, and Claude Debussy.

I also apologize for any spelling, grammatical, or mechanical errors in previous posts, as I am typically writing these after a long day and in lieu of good old spoken and written “American” , I’ve been left with Frenglish and strange accents all day, so my tired eyes cannot always catch everything on the first read through. I do go back and correct post-publishing though.

Now as we prepare for the rugby match of the evening – which is quite a game let me tell you and NOTHING like American Football at all –  to blatantly rip off one of my most beloved TV series:

Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose.