Musings on Rueil Malmaison

by spaghettipirate

Today marks the end of the second complete day in the suburbs of Paris. I would say that the weather is nicer here – but I have also been extremely dehydrated these last couple of days. As such I have been prone to the headaches that come with the gusts of winter wind, and I am glad for my heavy leather winter coat.

Today also marks the first foray into the big city. I will not be able to start my classes until the end of January – don’t ask me why; the French speak at an UNBELIEVABLE speed – so this means that I will have the next 10 days or so to accustom my body to living six hours in the future as well as getting to do the touristy stuff that everyone so looks forward to.

I know that I probably owe you pictures of my new surroundings as well as the few of London that I took. Indeed Rueil Malmaison is a quaint town with just about everything, and even an over abundance of green crossed pharmacies, as many, or perhaps more, as there are Starbucks back home.

The fact is that with every passing hour I feel more at ease and at home as Phillipe is as gracious a host as any one could ask for. We eat every meal together, in an unspoken agreement, and at night as we sit at our respective computers, I can hear him singing in his broken English to whatever album we’ve agreed to listen to. Currently, for those wondering, it is The Beatles – Abbey Road. This is not to say that I do not miss some of the idiosyncracies of home, for my roots have firmly settled in Bethesda, only that the transition has been far smoother than I ever could have imagined. I do miss English though. Trying to communicate through nods and smiles is all well and good, but gestures and shrugged shoulders only get one so far.

Interestingly, Phillip upon hearing of my club fencing during my time spent at the University, took it upon himself to find a club. What makes it better is that it is not five minutes walking from where I am. Today we went and they graciously set me up, and I spent the next 1.5 hrs meeting people as well as getting repeatedly prodded and wailed on. I hope to return soon.

Now if only the Wi-Fi would work here, needing some sort of before unheard of password to work, and then everything would settle well.

Tomorrow we venture out again into the city to buy fresh food that honest to god blows anything we could find at our local food store out. of. the. water.

Pictures to follow.